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International Forum Automotive Acoustics & Vibration - NVH 2019

 Forum Day One / Monday, 30 September 2019

 8:00 Registration with Coffee & Tea
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 Welcome & Opening Speech by the Organiser
 Maria Nikolopoulou
 Managing Director
 Internect Limited, UK


Keynote Speech

[Morning Session Chaired by John O' Sullivan]

 John O' Sullivan
 Functional Manager, Chassis NVH and Structural Dynamics
 Bentley Motors Limited, UK
Approaches to be More Efficient, Successful and Influential in Setting NVH Targets and Design Content (has been applied to other attributes with equal success)

  • Introduction of electrification and what it brings to the industry
  • Understanding the challenge
  • An era of collaboration and sharing
  • Rationale, tools and methodologies

 Matthew Aaron Hankinson

 Chief Engineer Driven Attributes Engineering
 Jaguar Land Rover, UK



Sponsor: BETA CAE Presentation

Interactive Session: Internéct at Speed
Introduce yourself to the other participants with this series of brief
one to one meetings.
Get to know the other delegates and “break the ice”.


Refreshment & Networking Break – Exhibition

Climate NVH – Design and Attribute Balancing
  • New challenges for climate NVH for BEV’s
  • NVH and climate comfort balancing
  • Climate NVH benchmarking and goal setting
  • Noise generation principles and testing methods for climate NVH
  • Balanced control strategies in extreme climates
 Nick Machiels
 NVH engineer
 Volvo Cars Group, Sweden
Sponsor: Bruel & Kjaer Presentation
Active & Adaptive Exhaust Systems
  • Is loudness the only measure of performance?
  • Alternative approaches to the development of
  • desirable sound characteristics
  • Solutions to implementation challenges:
  • mechatronics & adaptive systems
  • Enhancement & replacement of motor sound with
  • other sources
Speaker to be confirmed
NVH CAE Development Process of the New Ford Truck; F-Max
  • Target setting & benchmark
  • Modelling
  • Body & chassis NVH analyses
  • Vehicle NVH simulations
  • Multidisciplinary optimization

 Baran Gumus

 Vehicle NVH CAE Engineer
Networking Lunch - Exhibition
Keynote Speech
[Afternoon Session Chaired by Johan Stenson]
 Johan Stenson
 Senior Director Driving Dynamics and Noise & Vibration Centre
 Volvo Car Group, Sweden
Vehicle Attributes: What are the Changes on Autonomous Driving
  • NVH role on meeting user expectations
  • L5 electric vehicles and the NVH experience
  • Base EV Architecture and NVH challenges
  • L5 Specific Attributes development
                    Motion Control , Comfort and NVH
                    Vibration and sensing integration
 Alexandre Nunes
 Director, Vehicle Attributes
 NIO, China
Combining 1D and 3D Simulation with Advanced Measurement Techniques to Address the NVH Challenges of (H)EV Vehicles
  • (H)EV NVH
  • 1D and 3D models
  • Wind Noise test and CFD
  • Component Based TPA

François Iker
Business Development Manager Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services
Interactive Session/Panel Discussion
Delivering a Brand; How do we Define Success in NVH
- Innovation and Core Brand Values
► What is more important; enhanced good characterstics or elimination of
error states
► Balance of refinement and sporty sound
► Technology development and brand specifics
► How should we balance NVH and weight targets? With the advancement
of modern development techniques, are these no longer mutually exclusive attributes?
► How do we define success in NVH?
► Acoustic performance as a selling feature
► Legislative limits vs. fun to drive

 Chaired by our Scientific Committee:

John O' Sullivan

Functional Manager, Chassis NVH and Structural Dynamics


Bentley Motors Limited

Aaron Hankinson

Chief Engineer Driven Attributes


Jaguar Land Rover

Alexandre Nunes

Associated Director, Vehicle Attributes



Ernesto Varricchio

NVH Testing Principal Engineer


McLaren Automotive Ltd.


Refreshment & Networking Break – Exhibition

Innovative and Cost-Efficient Structures
and Materials
  • E-driveline development
  • NVH trends and challenges
  • Interior and exterior EV acoustic and vibration
  • challenges: alternative approaches
  • HEVs: smart managing NVH in the transitions
  • between EV mode and ICE mode
 Speaker to be confirmed
Interactive Session- Team Debate with Q&As
Find your teammates from different companies among the
other delegates and share your views in a lively debate while
solving a technical question.
Closing Remarks by the Organisers
Maria Nikolopoulou
Managing Director
Internect Limited, UK
Refreshment & Networking Break – Exhibition
Evening Workshops: Led by the Workshop leader, the aim of this session is to offer you the chance to interact with your peers, raise questions, share views and opinions in a targeted participant field.
Workshop A: NVH in Downsized Turbo-Charged Engines
Aaron Hankinson
Chief Engineer Driven Attributes Engineering
Jaguar Land Rover, UK
Workshop B: Passive NVH Solutions versus Active Sound Technologies
Andrew Jackson
Functional Manager – Powertrain and Driveline NVH
Bentley Motors Limited, UK
Iordanis Ioannidis
Powertrain and Driveline NVH Engineer
Bentley Motors Limited, UK







20:00 Dinner and Evening Event
Enjoy our evening get-together with your colleagues in a
relaxed atmosphere with live music entertainment, dinner and drinks.