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International Forum Automotive Acoustics & Vibration - NVH 2018

Conference Program

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Forum Day One/ Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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Welcome & Opening Speech by the Organiser
Maria Nikolopoulou
Managing Director
Internect Ltd.
Keynote Speech
Morning Session Chaired by:

Aaron Hankinson

Chief Engineer, Driven Attributes, Product Engineering 

Jaguar Land Rover, UK



Driving Simulators for NVH – A New Approach to NVH CAE
  • Application of NVH driving simulators in automotive business
  • Data requirements for simulator model creation
  • Approaches to create and manage data to deliver simulation
  • Impact of full vehicle simulator demonstrations

Ashley Gillibrand

Technical Specialist - NVH

Jaguar Land Rover, UK


Interactive Session: Internéct at Speed
Introduce yourself to the other participants with the series of brief one to one meetings. Get to know the other participants and "break the ice"


Refreshment & Networking Break - Exhibition


Using a Transmissibility Matrix Approach to Predict Tactile Seat Vibration from Seat Rail Vibration
  • Transmissibility matrix method
  • Predication of tactile seat responses from seat rail vibration
  • Tactile seat response predictions with different occupant masses and road surfaces
  • Comparison of transmissibility matrix and FRF matrix methods
  • Use of method for FVS subjective evaluations using CAE predictions

Frank Syred

Principal Consulting Engineer

Brüel & Kjær Global Engineering Services, UK


NVH in Concept Phase Platform Development
  • NVH development in Volvo Cars
  • Challenges and opportunities using CAE in early phases
  • Cross-attribute optimization and securing enough platform content
  • Examples from Volvo Cars platform development
    o Structural efficiency studies
    o Tire performance balancing
    o Driveline installation

Thomas Englund

Technical Leader Trimmed Body Acoustics

Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden


NVH Challenges and the Development of the 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf

  • Introduction to the 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf
  • Expectations of Leaf customers for NVH
  • Overview of some of the technical challenges and improvements made on 2nd Generation Leaf including:
o  Motor Whine
o  Road Noise
o  Wind Noise
  • Feedback from the market and journalists

Paul Speed-Andrews

Manager - NVH, Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics

Nissan Technical Centre Europe Ltd., UK



Networking Lunch - Exhibition
Interactive Session-Panel Discussion: Drive Mode Selectable Sound: What can we do vs. what should we do?


Steven Eich

Senior NVH Engineer

Honda R&D Americas Inc., USA

Co-moderator: Jared Cox

Principal NVH Engineer

Honda R&D Americas Inc., USA

  • How to integrate Quietness vs. Acceleration sound emotion? Is it OK to have completely silent cruising but loud acceleration for example? Depends on vehicle concept, but where does each compare on the sound spectrum?
  • How large of a sound difference is reasonable between drive modes? [Comfort vs. Sport+ for example]
  • Assuming active devices, do you let your customer know easily know you are altering their experience? Or hide it from them?
  • Should the same general character be kept between dynamic modes, or is it OK to change completely?
  • EX: An L4 engine vehicle uses active sound to make V6 sound character:  in most Quiet mode, do you cut active sound completely and reveal L4 character in the name of quietness? Or does that sacrifice the concept of the vehicle?
  • How to account for contribution of Other Vehicle Systems, i.e. Transmission control logic change = more sound
  • The total accumulated sound has changed, even though the active sound systems have not.
  • How often do customers drive in alternate Dynamic Modes? Must this be considered in the ‘normal mode’ design?




Practical Seat Development Technique Linking With Virtual Solutions In The Full Vehicle NVH Simulator

  • Making practical measurements linked to virtual world
  • Improving the existing Bentley Full Vehicle Simulator process
  • Understanding how occupant affects their own Comfort
  • Developing our products around our customers

Paul Kennings

Attribute Leader – Ride Comfort, Powertrain Mounting and Active Systems

Bentley Motors Limited, UK


Active and Adaptive Sound Control for Automotive Applications
  • Active engine and road noise control
  • Local active noise control with head-tracking
  • Personal sound zones and privacy enhancement
  • Binaural audio reproduction

Dr. Jordan Cheer


ISVR, University of Southampton, UK


Refreshment & Networking Break - Exhibition

Afternoon Workshops (only for registered participants!): Led by the Workshop leader, the aim of this session is to offer you the chance to interact with your peers, raise questions, share views and opinions in a targeted participant field. 

Workshop A: Solidity Feel and Squeaks & Rattles, Design Factors in an Increasingly Electric Car Environment
Workshop B: A World without NVH Physical Development (How would we engineer the full system performance of a vehicle, facing the reality that there are fewer prototypes to work with)

Aaron Hankinson

Chief Engineer, Driven Attributes, Product Engineering

Jaguar Land Rover, UK



Per-Olof Sturesson

Director, Noise & Vibration Center

Volvo Car Group, Sweden

17:30 – 18:00 Transfer to the JLR Engineering Center in Gaydon 
(Shuttle busses will be provided at the NCC)
18.00-20.00 Guided Tour at the Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Center
Hands-on experience and guided tour at the JLR Engineering Centre in Gaydon! You will have the unique opportunity to view one of Jaguar Land Rover's Test Laboratories, a demonstration of the VIC Crudens Simulator, sound recording demo at a full size Semi Anechoic Chamber, demonstration of a Full Vehicle Simulator and a demonstration of latest technology sound quality!  

 20:00 – 20:30 Transfer back to the NCC

 (Shuttle busses will be provided)


Dinner & Evening Event    
 Enjoy our evening get-together with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere with live music entertainment, dinner and drinks