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Advisory Board

  • Dr. Antonia Terzi

    Functional Manager Aerodynamics

    Bentley Motors Ltd. 

  • Atsushi Ogawa

    Head of Aerodynamics, Thermal Management and Acceleration Performance

    Honda R&D Co., Ltd, Japan

  • Prof. Dr. -Ing. Jochen Wiedemann

    Member of the Board of Management

    FKFS, Germany

  • Adrian Gaylard

    Technical Specialist- Computational Aerodynamics

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Dr. Moni Islam

     Head of Aerodynamics

    Audi AG, Germany

International Forum Advanced Automotive Aerodynamics 2016

The largest OEM representation in a unique interactive global Automotive Aerodynamics Conference!

Hear about the latest cases studies on:    

► Aerodynamic development at Audi: State of the art and future challenges - trends in the CO2 regulations 

► Thermal modelling and aerodynamic design process for high performance sports cars, CFD, wind tunnel & track testing by Aston Martin

► WTLP regulation changes and development method for aerodynamic wheel designs using wind tunnel and CFD by Nissan

Discover recent developments in:  

► Automotive soiling and water management: Computational techniques & further improvements for test and simulation by Jaguar Land Rover

► Prediction method of water ingress to the engine intake duct during flooded road driving by CFD presented by Honda R&D

► Drag reduction potential for heavy vehicles and aerodynamic design by Scania CV

Learn about advanced technologies in:

► Design & performance of a Formula 1 car by Oxford Brookes University

► An advanced pad correction procedure at FKFS

► Convective heat transfer from a brake disc and wheel assembly by Durham University

Join our interactive sessions and discuss with leading experts about:

► Cost-efficient approaches for optimized aerodynamics performance - led by the Heads of Aerodynamics at Audi, Honda, Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover

► Aero-Thermal development & efficiency - led by Honda

► Advanced CFD and wind tunnel testing - led by Audi

► Motorsport aerodynamics: Development processes and applications

► Aerodynamic flow control and drag reduction

Welcome to the International Forum Advaced Automotive Aerodynamics 2016!
Dear members of the Automotive Aerodynamics Community,
After our highly successful 1st International Forum on Advanced Automotive Aerodynamics 2015, in which  Decision Makers, Heads of Departments and Senior Experts from over 44 international companies and 12 countries experienced a new, networking-intensive conference format, it is a pleasure to host our 2nd Aerodynamics Forum, 8-9 November in London, UK. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with top-level industry experts through our unique interactive conference format and gain insight into the latest case studies on advanced CFD methods and wind-tunnel technologies, WLTP, future CO2 compliance testing, innovative approaches in aero-thermal development and drag reduction, downforce and styling among many other topics.
Join our round table discussions, interactive sessions, evening workshops and special evening event to exhaust your networking potentialin this 2-day exclusive event for automotive Aerodynamics experts.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in London! 
Kind regards
Maria Nikolopoulou
Managing Director
Internect Ltd.