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Advisory Board

  • Dr. Antonia Terzi

    Functional Manager Aerodynamics

    Bentley Motors Ltd. 

  • Atsushi Ogawa

    Head of Aerodynamics, Thermal Management and Acceleration Performance

    Honda R&D Co., Ltd, Japan

  • Prof. Dr. -Ing. Jochen Wiedemann

    Member of the Board of Management

    FKFS, Germany

  • Adrian Gaylard

    Technical Specialist- Computational Aerodynamics

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Dr. Moni Islam

     Head of Aerodynamics

    Audi AG, Germany

International Forum Advanced Automotive Aerodynamics 2017

Hear about the latest case studies on:
► Reducing fuel consumption by 30% for long-haul trucks by Volvo Cars
► CFD aerodynamics and aeroacoustics in the development of the next truck generation by Scania CV
► Why surface contamination matters to vehicle manufacturers by Jaguar Land Rover
Find out about:
► Impact of F1 technical regulation changes on aerodynamics and car design by Suderia Toro Rosso
► Main aerodynamic differences between “Open vs Closed” wheels by Sauber Motorsport
 Learn about advanced technologies in:
► EP9 Aerodynamic Features from NIO Co., Ltd.
► Underbody parameters of drivAer-model with respect to ground simulationfrom IVK University of Stuttgart
►Safety improvements on LMP1-H cars through aerodynamics changes from Porsche AG
Among a variety of other Advanced Automotive Aerodynamics-related topics!


Join our interactive sessions and workshops and discuss with leading experts about:

• Passive and active flow control for drag reduction
• Wind tunnel testing & simulation methods
• CFD methods, resources and innovation
• Aerodynamics: Styling and engineering requirements, challenges and solutions
Welcome to the 3rd International Forum Advanced Automotive Aerodynamics 2017!
Dear members of the Automotive Aerodynamics Community,
Over the last two series of our International Forum on Advanced Automotive Aerodynamics, representatives from more than 100 international companies and 20 countries experienced a new, networking intensive conference format.
Our selective participant field, with Decisions Makers, Heads of Departments and Senior Experts from international suppliers and research institutes and more than 25 OEMs benefited from a variety of interactive sessions, panel discussions, workshops, industry case studies and a selection of high quality presentations.
Internect Ltd., in co-operation with the world's leading manufacturer of luxury automobiles, Bentley Motors, is hosting the 3rd Advanced Automotive Aerodynamics Forum, 30th of November - 1st of December 2017 in Manchester, UK.
Don't miss the opportunity to join the only International Automotive Event on the topic, which  perfectly combines high quality presentations, exclusive participation of top-level experts at decision-making level with smart and innovative networking opportunities.
Gain insight into the latest case studies on aerodynamic design and optimization processes, WLTP, future CO2 compliance testing for aerodynamics solutions, thermal modellng and aerodynamic process, aero-thermal development & efficiency, aerodynamic flow control and drag reduction, advanced CFD and wind tunnel testing, motorsport aerodynamics and aerodynamic development transfer between motorsport and production industries, among many other topics.
We look forward to welcoming you in Manchester to make this event another success in the global automotive engineering calendar!
Kind regards,

Dr. Antonia Terzi

Functional Manager Aerodynamics

Bentley Motors Ltd

Maria Nikolopoulou

Managing Director

Internect Ltd.