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Advisory Board

  • Aaron Hankinson

    Chief Engineer Driven Attribute Engineering - JLR Product Development

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Jonathan Layfield

    Head of Vehicle Physics,
    Bentley Motors Limited, UK

  • Marco Tarabra

    Head of Acoustics

    Ferrari S.p.A, Italy

  • Per-Olof Sturesson

    Senior Director Driving Dynamics and Noise & Vibration Centre,
    Volvo Car Group, Sweden

International Forum Automotive Acoustics & Vibration - NVH 2018

Hear about the latest case studies on:
  • NVH in chassis, powertrain and body engineering
  • Active and adaptive exhaust systems and motor sound enhancement 
  • Design of advanced pedestrian alert systems and minimization of environmental noise pollution
Discover innovative concepts in:
  • Psychoacoustics, Sound branding and balance between refinement and acoustic character
  • Acoustic requirements and sound quality for EVs and HEVs and fully autonomous vehicles
  • Full NVH simulation, testing and validation, acoustic integration and attribute balancing
 Learn about advanced technologies in:
  • Structural dynamics and materials science, solutions with lightweight passive NVH tools
  • Aero-acoustics technologies, duct acoustics and combination of acoustic and thermal performance optimization
Join our interactive sessions and discuss with leading experts about:
  • Cost efficieny and effective co-operation between OEMs and suppliers
  • Passive NVH solutions versus active sound technologies
  • Sound branding and marketing aspect of NVH
  • Reconciliation of vehicle performance with legal requirements for pass- by noise regulation


Welcome to the 4th International Forum Automotive Acoustics & Vibration- NVH 2018
Dear members of the Automotive Acoustics & Vibration – NVH Community,

Over the last three series of our International Forum on Automotive Acoustics & Vibration-NVH, representatives from more than 150 international companies and 20 countries experienced a new, networking-intensive conference format.

This year, in co-operation with one of the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury automobiles, Jaguar Land Rover, Internect Ltd. is hosting the 4th Automotive Acoustics & Vibration-ΝVH Forum, 25-26 September 2018 at the National Conference Center in Birmingham, UK.

Our selective participant field, with Decision Makers, Heads of Departments and Senior Experts from more than 20 OEMs and 80 suppliers & research institures benefited from a variety of interactive sessions, panel discussions, workshops, industry case studies and a selection of high quality presentations.

An exclusive visit to the Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Center in Gaydon with a guided tour to the Full Vehicle NVH Simulator, the Jaguar Land Rover Test Laboratory and the JLR driving dynamics simulator, followed by our networking evening get-together and dinner will round up this unique conference experience.
Don’t miss the opportunity to join the premier Automotive NVH Conference, the event with the largest OEM representation, the NVH meeting venue for automotive manufacturers and suppliers!
Gain insight into powertrain, chassis and body NVH engineering, active and passive NVH technologies, sound design for high performance EV-HEVs & autonomous vehicles, NVH simulation, testing & validation, aero-acoustics, sound branding and psychoacoustics as well as lightweight materials for noise control, amonng many other topics.
We look forward to welcoming you in Birmingham to make this event another success in the global automotive engineering calendar!
Kind regards,

Aaron Hankinson

Senior Manager for Whole Vehicle Vibro-Acoustics and Sound Design

Jaguar Land Rover, UK

Maria Nikolopoulou

Managing Director

Internect Ltd.