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Advisory Board

  • Takashi Takiguchi

    Chief Engineer of Cooling and Heat Resistance, 

    Honda R&D Co. Ltd., Japan

  • Wilko Jansen

    Technical Specialist Thermal Management

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Jeffrey Bozeman

    Vehicle Performace Owner - Climate Comfort

    General Motors, USA

  • Tobias Glossman

    Senior Systems Engineer

    Mercedes - Benz North America Inc., USA

International Forum Automotive Thermal Management 2017

Hear about the latest case studies on:

►Human comfort & mobile air conditioning efficiency by General Motors
► Advanced designs in automotive climate control systems, improving HVAC efficiency and cabin air quality in emerging markets by Ford Motor Company
Mercedes Benz Perspective: Thermal management in EVs & HEVs, opportunities for future vehicles
► Climate control for low refrigerant charge protection in heavy duty vehicles by Navistar
► Safety assessment of CO2 MAC system during leakage by Ford Motor Company
Discover recent trends in:
►Infotainment & electrical system thermal management with effective integration of CAE and vehicle testing by Jaguar Land Rover
► Fuel cell vehicle development and advanced cooling systems by Honda R&D
► Thermal management of high voltage batteries by Valeo
Find out about:
► Next generation thermal management systems and components
► Virtual drive cycle thermal modelling & new development in CAE techniques
► Design optimization of Rankine cycle systems for waste heat recovery by the University of Liège
Join our workshops & interactive sessions and discuss with leading experts about:
►Thermal management for EVs/HEVs
►Lowering manufacturing costs - increasing vehicle energy efficiency
► Energy efficient HVAC and climate control solutions
► Thermal modelling & system simulation
► Battery thermal management
► Operator thermal comfort in construction machineries  




Welcome to the International Forum Automotive Thermal Management 2017
Dear members of the Automotive Thermal Management Community,
After our 1st highly successful UK Automotive Thermal Management Forum, in which Decision Makers, Heads of Departments and Senior Experts from over 55 international companies and 15 countries got acquainted with a new, networking-intensive conference format while exploring the latest case studies in the industry, the international Automotive Thermal Management Community is meeting in Michigan, USA!

On 7-8 February 2017, you will have the chance to hear interesting presentations and discuss key issues on smart powertrain thermal management, advanced HVAC and climate control solutions, efficient waste-heat recovery applications, thermal modelling as well as holistic approaches and integrated thermal management among a variety of many topics. If you are an OEM trying to reach out, observe and interact with your international counterparts or a supplier looking for a means to network effectively with a targeted international group of prospective and existing clients, then this conference is the must-attend event for you!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Michigan!
Kind regards
Maria Nikolopoulou
Managing Director
Internect Ltd.